Aerosharp  Fibreglass routers are available in a variety of configurations and sizes.


  Shown is the common drill point style (FRD)

  We offer flat (FR), burr (FRB), and endmill (FRE) ends


  we also offer them in different cuts to suit your material cutting needs.


  Fine- light stock removal, finishing

  Standard- most applications for good stock removal

  Course- heavy stock removal, fast feeds


drill point

FRD-250 1/4 1"
FRD-375 3/8 1"
FRD-500 1/2 1"

  other head lengths are available

  to order use appropriate point style and add decimal equivalent diameter. If other than standard add    the head length and cut style required.

  example-   FRE-375  x 1 1/2" coarse


  Many other lengths diameters, cuts and configurations available


We offer many different types of special burrs, internal grinding burrs, routers, and seating cutters.

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